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Big and Little Election Day

Photo by stefan moertl on Unsplash

But how can I carry, all by myself, your troubles and burdens and quarrels? So select some wise, understanding, and seasoned men from your tribes, and I will commission them as your leaders.”…So I went ahead and took the top men of your tribes, wise and seasoned, and made them your leaders – leaders of thousands, of hundreds, of fifties, and of tens, officials adequate for each of your tribes….Don’t play favorites; treat the little and the big alike; listen carefully to each. Don’t be impressed by big names. This is God’s judgment you’re dealing with. Hard cases you can bring to me; I’ll deal with them.”
Deuteronomy 1:12-13,15,17 MSG

For as long as I can remember, every election cycle sounds the alarm, “This is the most important one!” And at the time, it was. It has been progressing, with some dips of downtime.

Though we don’t have tribes (they translate to localities, counties, and states today), the lessons from Moses apply. The smaller local elections matter just as much as the larger ones and deserve to be treated with equal respect. We must not cave to hopelessness, for we are each accountable to God for whom we choose or not choose. If we ask for and wait for God’s wisdom after doing our due diligence and proceed in faith, He will be pleased with us. Prayer and fasting, or lack thereof, as you are able, speak more than a physical vote (though of course I don’t eschew not voting).

And if the results are not as we wish, we must not even then despair. Moses, the leader in their wilderness, knew ultimately that it was God’s will that would prevail, in whatever form it took.

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